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May 2017

If they didn’t get you this time...

A couple of weeks have passed and the world has already moved on from the chaos caused by the WannaCry ransomeware attack. Companies and institutions around the world that were in a state of emergency are already breathing a collective sigh of relief as the threat to their data systems recedes. Or does it?

A worrying survey of 500 UK businesses recently revealed that nearly half were brought to a standstill by a ransomware attack within the last 12 months.

Evidence suggests that, far from going away, this type of cyber crime is here to stay and experts expect the number of attacks to rise. In fact, in some countries ransomware is now seen by many organisations as the number one threat.

In a world where most companies rely heavily on 24/7 access to their IT systems, cutting corners when it comes to protecting them is just plain stupid!

But how do you make sure that your organisation doesn’t become the next victim?

The short answer is, you can’t.

However, you can reduce the threat significantly by keeping your systems up-to-date, making sure you have proper backups and developing a robust disaster recovery plan, should the worst come to the worst.


Expect the best, plan for the worst (and prepare to be surprised).

Whether stored on the premises, at home or in the cloud, every organisation should follow a few simple steps to ensure that their data is properly safeguarded:

  1. Keep your operating systems up-to-date
    Don’t allow the hackers to exploit the weaknesses of older or obsolete operating systems like Windows XP.
  2. Make sure your anti-virus protection is right up-to-date
    Anti-virus software is specifically designed to provide protection against all manner of cyber attacks. With proper anti-virus, users can protect themselves from dangerous attachments in network chats, emails and on social media.
  3. Make two back-ups of everything
    There is a saying in IT that if data does not exist in three places, it is not truly safe. That means important data should be stored on three separate data storage devices. For example, one locally on your computer, a backup kept in another building and, preferably, one in the cloud.
  4. Training is essential
    No amount of data security can protect you from staff unknowingly allowing malware in by clicking on innocent-looking links in emails or on social media. But a half hour’s training that makes them aware of the do’s and dont’s can make all the difference.

All of the above may be a bit of a chore. But it’s a lot better than coming into the office one morning and finding a ransom note on your desktop instead of a picture of your nearest and dearest.


Put it in the hands of professionals

By using professional IT services like Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services, you are already taking a major step towards data security. Professional IT services make it their business to stay one step ahead of the cyber criminals and their specialist knowledge, dedicated resources and focus make them much more efficient and cost-effective than the in-house IT departments of many companies and institutions.


Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services provide high-end technical services when it comes to data protection, virus protection, updates, data backups and data availability. Our highly specialized team of system, network and security professionals regularly assess the vulnerability of the infrastructure in order to keep it as safe as possible.



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