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Lifelines iEEG  gives doctors and technicians unprecedented access to patients' EEG recordings anytime, anywhere. It combines secure, dedicated cloud-based software and day and night EEG with HD video recording.

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services

Lifelines iEEG Cloud is a dedicated turn-key, enterprise level IT solution for the management, workflow and secure storage of EEG examinations.

Lifelines iEEG Portable

Lifelines iEEG Portable is a complete solution for EEG and HD Video monitoring in the patient's home – optimizing patient care.

It includes the features most requested by leading clinicians and researchers.

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April 2017

Lifelines iEEG – World leaders in cloud-based EEG services

“As large health plans begin to fold in telemedicine services, we will see the overall market reach a new level of maturity and acceptance. The next tipping point will be the flourishing of remote patient monitoring…”

Bill Gordon has over 12 years experience driving IT and IoT product strategy and innovation. He has helped direct Telemedicine Magazine editorial since its inception in 2015. Read full article.

Pioneers of cloud-based EEG services

In this very interesting article, Gordon describes how remote patient monitoring will be the tipping point of telemedicine in the next few years and we at Lifelines iEEG could not agree more. In fact, as pioneers, we saw this coming several years back.

Ever since the launch of Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services in 2013, it has grown and evolved into a well-established and sophisticated EEG service that is well received and appreciated by our customers: “Compared to the rest of the customer service world, Lifelines is always above and beyond, and easy to work with!”

Benefits AND savings

Lifelines iEEG Cloud Services allow the collection of EEG data and HD video in one location, for example the patient’s home or a private clinic, and the expert EEG review and analysis services carried out in another location. This can be of huge benefit for all parties involved: the patient, the healthcare providers and the budget!

Currently we are providing iEEG Cloud Services to EEG service providers, University Hospitals, research projects and clinical studies – which all benefit from the security, integrity and the professional service that iEEG Cloud Services offer.

Over 150,000 hours of EEG per month

Our customers are currently uploading over 150,000 hours of EEG every month to our iEEG Cloud, making it the largest EEG service in the world.

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Lifelines iEEG Portable